Innovation & Football: what is behind the success of Udinese Calcio?


Innovation & Football:
what is behind the success of Udinese Calcio?

The deadliest machine on Serie A fields” La Repubblica

Tonight against Juventus, Udinese just overflew” La Stampa

The team strikes down like a grapeshot (..) Udinese is the team of the day!” Il Corriere della Sera


Just in case you missed the lastest results of Serie A:

Milan – Udinese 4 – 4

Udinese – Inter 3 – 1

Juventus – Udinese 1 – 2

Take a look at the case study on Udinese Calcio that I wrote for the Italian edition of OPEN “Modelli di Business per l’innovazione” by Henry Chesbrough.

The case was written in 2007, the fact that I am suggesting to read this case now, it shows that it was not only wishful thinking of a crazy fan. Zebrette’s Business Model is the best!

Not only sound results on the field but profits! It stars with an aggressive global talent scouting which offers the opportunity to play in Serie A to young players discovered around the world. The team changes every year, and from one week to the next a new young unknown player might reconfigure the strategy and the coach offers no reference points to the opposing teams.

Money flows in when talents continue their career in other big teams.

It is good for the players, it is good for us: not only we defeat the Big Ones on the field..
we take their money & continue to do so. Read on (in Italian)