Innovation in Necessary.. at least in Piemonte. But Why so?

On July the 8th, Alberto addressed the Giovani di Confindustria Piemonte,
during their annual meeting in Stresa.

What were the results of a full day of discussions?
If we claim that “innovation is necessary”, then we should also be clear on “why do we innovate?”. This simple statement was the thought brought forward by the new President of Giovani Confindustria: Jacopo Morelli.
The answer to this question is quintessential. Motives guiding investment in innovation should not be taken for granted. Answering this question requires an understanding of the role innovation plays in society and in firms worldwide.
On the contrary, innovation is now a buzzword, quite often used for political rhetoric.
Please.. handle with care!!

Why should we innovate? Not an easy one, and quite central for Alberto’s research.
Here is a Research Hypothesis for you…
Should companies invest in innovation in order to produce new wealth?
Should all innovation be aimed at producing new wealth?

Barbara Gallo, former President of Giovani Confindustria Piemonte illustrated some of the elements of “Modello Piemonte”, and in particular two aspects that contribute to it: aggregation and accessibility.
Now: that is interesting! Economies of scale and economies of scope need to happen in order for innovative business models to work, and since we might want to bring to market the results of new science and technology, aggregation & accessibility might well be two ingredients to consider when coming up with new business models.


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