Alberto @ ABB Creativity Lab

Take a big breath and think:
What does it take to be an industry leader?

Innovate products, services, business models: of course!
But leading companies also think about
how R&D and innovation management can improve.

Sometimes, companies should take a big breath, and think!



Oct 21st: – R&D Management at ABB

Alberto @ ABB Creativity Lab

I got to know an interesting company and I had the opportunity to animate a discussion with R&D and project managers at ABB – SACE, in the course of a very special day in Carobbio degli Angeli, outside Bergamo, dedicated to think over some of the fundamentals of R&D Management and Strategy.

It is great to understand and brainstorm with people such as those that I met in ABB about what it takes to be a leader of industrial R&D. While I brought my tools and theories to animate discussion I have to say that listening to what experienced managers have to say about their activities and issues has been indeed fascinating.