Loccioni Business Game: Final lecture for Open Innovation Module

Marinella Massacesi and Alessandro Ragnoni address the class introduced by Andrea

Marinella Massacesi and Alessandro Ragnoni address the class introduced by Andrea

April 18th. Andrea and I close our lectures for the joint class of Master MAINS and Master MAIN students here in Pisa with a business game. 5 groups of students were presented with some information about Loccioni, a very innovative company in the Marche region, going through an interesting phase of transformation of its R&D and innovation activities. Loccioni constantly reinvents itself to identify better ways to face the challenges of its business, and this time around the management of Angeli di Rosora asked Andrea and me, with the help of Elena Casprini, to join the discussion.

We have been working with Loccioni for over a year now, and we have got the idea of a very dynamic group, with many interesting stories that could very well exemplify models and theories we discussed with students in these last couple of weeks.

Our boys and girls had almost a full workig day (and night) to prepare a presentation with their recommendations in front of Alessandro Ragnosi and Marinella Massacesi, who joined our class discussion.

Final ranking of the presentations on the Loccioni case. Group 1 is the winner




I chaired the final discussion simulating a TV show, we assigned scores for the best idea, the one most  likely to be implemented the better argumented and so on.. We ended up having quite some fun with this, so we hope Marinella and Alessandro will be happy to come back.

Tomorrow students will have a short field-visit to the Sant’Anna laboratories of Pontedera… and in the afternoon it wil be final exam time.
…Hopefully they will have fun tomorrow too.

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