M31, the tecnologic incubator making its success on two Atlantic sides

It’s not common to see two successing people, a university professor and a high level manager, leaving their work to become enterpreneurs. This is the story of Ruggero Frezza and Aldo Cocchiglia, creators of M31, who during 2006 founded the one that became the most succesfull example of technologic incubator in Italy.

Creating new startups in this area is all but simple. Specific competences are needed, and also talent, funding, and a giant pot of ideas and technologies. This is how (and where) CenterVue (a startup that works in the field of early diagnosis of eye diseases) was born. But Italian market was too small for it. Soon Californian branch of M31 became really precious for CenterVue, allowing it to reach new markets.

As theorized by James Moore, in an article called Predators and Pray, enviroments in whitch new business models have a great chance to develop are the ones that mix competition and collaboration, and this seems to be the case of M31.

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