“Shared Challenges, Transformative Actions” – OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial in Paris

On April 23rd, I had the pleasure to attend the event “Shared challenges, transformative actions” – OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial”, in the beautiful city of Paris.

I was there as the Italian Delegate with the OECD – Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy and Director of Innovation of the NBCF Center, together with Professor Maria Chiara Carrozza, President of CNR and full professor in Sant’Anna School of Pisa and many other European and international colleagues.

Dignitaries and research and innovation ministers from the OECD world gathered for the ministerial meeting in Paris. Biodiversity was at the center of the works, in front of an audience of experts, identified as a central theme for the ecological transition but also for social inclusion.

During the event, there was a  a crucial discussion on how science, technology, and innovation partnerships can effectively address climate change and biodiversity challenges.

These partnerships, involving diverse actors such as industry, researchers, public authorities, and citizens, are instrumental in accelerating the development and wider dissemination of key technologies and innovations. Citizen engagement is particularly essential for green transitions, fostering awareness, active participation, and a sense of responsibility for sustainable practices.

Moreover, citizen science significantly contributes to building evidence for science, technology, and innovation, aiding biodiversity data collection and comprehensive conservation efforts. Embedding partnerships within overarching national and cross-national strategies is vital for scalability and impact, with mission-oriented innovation approaches playing a crucial role in supporting coordinated efforts and mutual learning.

Government involvement is integral, necessitating the coordinated use of diverse policy instruments and an expanded role beyond public funding provision, encompassing lead user of green innovation solutions and network builder roles.

Biodiversity loss has been recognized as one of the most pressing global challenges that demand immediate attention from science, technology, and innovation policies. This critical issue is highlighted in the final declaration of the Ministerial, “Declaration on Transformative Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future”, which can be accessed through this link