Esaote, innovation at the bottom of the pyramid



One of the biggest challenges in our time is to bring a good life style the largest group of people, including the ones that cannot afford to pay much. It’s a giant market, with good profitability for low-cost strategies, like Nicholas Negroponte’s 75$ pc, or Tata Nano by Ratan Tata, a 2000$ car.

It’s what C. K. Prahalad calls innovation at the bottn of the pyramid: a special type of innovation that doesn’t involve people with high capitals, or high margins, but the masses that cannot afford to pay much for product and services.

This is what Esaote is doing in the medical imaging field. This is not an incredible economic success: high profits continue to arrive from that billion of people that has access to an higher life style. But it’s a constantly growing market.

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