Melinda: when union makes strenght

“Small is awful”. It’s what you can say in those economic areas where there is a strong need of certificated quality, advanced technology, well known trademarks and international distribution channels.This was not the case of Val di Non, in Trentino, where, until year 1989, economy was made by single, small farmers.

According to Riccardo Varaldo, the only industrial districts that can survive are the one with a strong leader. But Diego Schelfi’s article on Repubblica (Affari&Finanza, November 21th, 2011) made us reflect on this temes. Business model innovation is not only related to hitech contests, but also to traditional one, and this is the case of Melinda.

In 1989 Melinda consortium was born, thus creating an ecosystem of slow growth that broight the trademark till the gaining of 30% of the italian apple market share, demonstrating that this is a good path in a fragmented market like this.

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