Comacer: last piece for La Repubblica before the summer

To close before the summer, Open for Innovation focuses this week on Comacer, a company which started in Castel Bolognese, and has now turned into a multinational focused on machinery for nuclear medicine.

The company grew through acquisitions. In a dark period for economy, expecially in Italy, Comacer wasn’t feared of risking its position trough new investments. Thus made its success, also thanks to Fondo Italiano d’Investimento (Italian Investment Fund), a new private equity born from ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze (Ministry of Economics and Finances).

It’s said often that there is a new need of public partecipation in industrial politic. Comacer seems truly to be a promising success example, that can lead a new generation of innovation in a market like the Italian one.

You can read here the full story in Italian.

For more stories about Italian Innovation, our pieces will return in september in Affari&Finanza.