Seacom is the winner of Digital Experience Day At Internet Festival


4 Teams, 4 projects

One day to prepare a presentation to impress very demanding Judges.
The teams formed by managers, entrepreneurs and university students developed their business model using Alberto’s Business Model Innovation Journey method.

At the end the team captain Valentina (Seacom) was able to take home both the CNA Next and the Cloud Italia prizes. Leaving the other three teams with only good feedbacks (and a few criticisms..). To introduce the Cloud Italia prize, consisting of one year free cloud-hosting, the General Manager of the company Paolo Bottura.  Marco Malvaldi, known for his crime books set in the Bar Lume of the fictitious (but not so fictitious) city of Pineta, motivated the decisions of the jury to nominate Seacom as the winning team.


What is the Experience Day?

This is the second edition of this business game that takes students and entrepreneurs in a journey focused on the development of their ideas.

While reading Gamestorming, by Dave Gray, just after Business Model Generation, by Alex Ostervalder, the feeling is that with the appropriate framework and a good methodology every business model could be redesigned, and made more innovative.

This is the objective of the Digital Experience Day. It’s a problem solving laboratory, with a method refined by Alberto Di Minin, aiming to a new business model evolution with the leverage of the ICT techologies. Lab is open and free, and will put together people from enterprises and students, in a 2 days workshop.

Read the full invitation (Italian only)