Emergency: Projecting help beyond borders

In the last few weeks, I got to know a little bit better Emergency, the incredible organization started by Gino Strada, whose mission is to help people in the most extreme situations, in very dangerous parts of the world, where really emergency help is needed, and even the simplest surgical procedure can turn into a complex, very complex operation.

Emergency learnt through the years to organize its operations and to help people around the world, interacting with local authorities, being respectful of traditions and religions, but also paying attention to safety of its staff and its patients.

Finally, Emergency is treating patients even after surgical procedures, helping them going back to an active live even if the conflict that they experienced has left unforgettable scars on their bodies and communities.

Recently, the work of Emergency  is being recognized more and more around the world. The New York Times Megazine dedicated a long article to Strada’s organization.

On Monday Oct. 15th Andrea and I covered Emergency for Affari & Finanza, with a short piece in “Open for Innovation”. (The article is in Italian only)