Alberto discusses about the social media revolution with the clients of TD Group

Tuesday December 27th. A foggy and rainy day was not ideal to appreciate the beautiful setting of Villa Medicea in Artimino, chosen by TD Group to present its clients new ideas and tools to make the most out of new social media. (And avoid 2.0 disasters!!).

Alberto, who is relatively new to the subject, was asked to kick off the day, and blend in theory and practice to discuss whether we can really talk about a social media revolution.

“There is no doubt” said Alberto “that the rise of the social media is deeply changing the landscape of Manuel Castell’s network society of “connectivity & content”. Social media are a truly enabling technology, and companies should consider them for their marketing and product development strategies. New opportunities, but also new threats arise: a corporate facebook/twitter/younameit profile without a proper strategy, can quickly turn into a Dorian Gray’s portrait in the attic.”

One of Alberto’s key message was that we can learn a lot from the previous digital revolution, and in particular, we should not forget that old-school economics and management strategies maintain their predictive and descriptive value even when  external circumstances change radically.

take a look at Alberto’s presentation