China & Iran. New research on internationalization of R&D and Innovation System.

New research on R&D and internationalization dynamics in China and Iran. Alberto’s latest publications focus on key areas of interests for both scholars and managers.

Alberto’s main piece on internationalization of R&D had been published on the Journal of International Business Studies in 2011. It was based on an original data analysis matched with interviews that showed the relevance of IP management in the design of a global R&D network. While this research was based on Alberto’s PhD dissertation, the final paper was the result of joint work with Mattia Bianchi.
After that Alberto focused on Chinese R&D presence in Europe, and published the first study that looked into what Chinese labs were doing and how they were evolving. It was based on original interviews by Jieyin Zhang the first Chinese PhD student in Management at Scuola Sant’Anna. Also Alberto looked with Simone Corsi at dynamics of “reverse innovation” from Japan and China, finding similarities with the idea of Disruptive Innovation.
Quite recently, Alberto has supported the analysis mainly conducted by Kamran Bagheri on Innovation and R&D dynamics in Iran. This new avenue of research is promising and has already led to new working papers and publications that emphasize the unique characteristics of innovation and R&D in Iran, as well as a fresh perspective on IP management and policy, from an original perspective.