What we have in MIND – Master in Management and Innovation Design

A new Executive Master for innovative and dynamics minds

Professor Di Minin has become the Director of a brand new and innovative academic product: the Master MIND in Management and Innovation Design of Sant’Anna School of Pisa. The Master will be held in Florence, and is organized in partnership with Stanford Center for Professional Development

About the Master 

This Executive Master offers participants an analysis of major technological and social trends as enablers of innovation, promoting a major reskilling of competencies. Participants will analyze together with the Faculty how such trends can impact companies’ competitive advantage and how new business opportunities can be created. Additionally, Master MIND will describe management tools to deal with processes of disruptive innovation. The goal of Master MIND is to empower managers and turn them into actors of change within their own organizations.

Structure of the Master 

The Master will deal with two main macro areas: management and innovation design.

The Management part will provide skills and tools for action, together with tools to manage the change, and will focus on topics of context analysis and corporate culture, leadership and entrepreneurship and business processes. The Design part will instead underline the need for creativity and food for thought, with a in depths analysis of design thinking, tech drivers, social change trends and cultural shocks. 

The Master will be structured in this way:

  • a teaching phase, primarily in Florence (Italy) on Fridays (all day) and Saturday (mornings), from January 11, 2021, to June 24, 2022, approximately every other week. The teaching phase is made up of five main areas (management, design thinking & entrepreneurship, human factor, tech drivers, landscaping) for a total of 494 hours;
  • four days of lectures, site visits, and training at Stanford University and Silicon Valley (California, USA), during Spring 2021;
  • an internship, for a total of 600 hours, to be conducted in parallel with classroom activities (from June 2021 to June 2022).

More information 

For more information please contact this email address “mastermind@santannapisa.it” or click this link to discover the Master. 


Deadline – 30 September 2020

To apply click this link