RESEARCH – Alberto’s first editorial for R&D Management

50 years and counting. 50+ years of great history with R&D Management. And hopefully 50+ even greater years ahead! 

Where are we coming from, what we’ve got, and where are we headed? This is the topic of our first editorial at R&D Management, which we wrote together with my great co-editor Paavo Ritala. We discuss the past and the present and maybe we give some hints about the future of R&D Management Journal.

R&D Management Journal will continue to be the place where key emerging topics of research in the field of Innovation Management will find visibility and will stir debate among scholars. Topics like: gate keeping, user led innovation, Not Invented Here, University-Industry, Triple Helix, Fuzzy Front End… and more recently Open Innovation, Business Model Innovation. These are some of the all-time greatest hits of R&D Management Journal.

We are just on the first steps of our editorial journey, and there will be a lot to tell about in the future! We hope to report back with more editorials – and what is more – with concrete actions and novelties regarding the substance and dissemination of research in R&D management and innovation. 

Entering as Editors in Chief is an honor, and a huge responsibility, we are so grateful for the work of past Editor Ellen Enkel, and so blessed to be surrounded by a team of Associate Editors who really make the difference: Paul Chiambaretto, Lawrence Dooley, Xiaolan Fu, Letizia Mortara, Andrea Piccaluga, Irina Saur-Amaral. We are also receiving great guidance by Jeremy Klein and the entire RADMA community, & fantastic support by Wiley. 

Hopefully this is how we will carry the torch!

The editorial is open access, so please check it out here if you are interested what’s happening in the world of R&D Management: