Eurotech dilemma: when today is success, tomorrow is the greatest risk

That moment in which things are going very good, in an enterprise, is called innovator’s dilemma. In fact innovating at this time is a great risk. Today you have a business model that works very well, but no clue about tomorrow. And you have a new technology which is a possible good investment for the future, but you don’t know if it will be successful.

Eurotech had this same problem. Its main business model was based on hardware, but in 2010 there was a great changing: the appearance of cloud computing. Thus went the dilemma: continue as they always did, or change their business model? Solution was quite simple indeed: the creation of a new branch, Isidorey, with the typical startup agility, and the firing power of Eurotech.

Situation evolved very fast, and now Isidorey is a successful example of business model adaptation due market change.

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