Master MaIn: Create your StartUp to pass my exam

Febr. 5th is Day 1 for my new class together with Andrea Tenucci and Andrea Paraboschi. We will accompany a very international class of master students through a series of lectures and exercise that will help them better understand what is a start-up company, and actually how to start one.

The idea is simple: the two Andreas and I realized that there are a bunch of books out there, that seek to provide clear guidelines for entrepreneurs-wannabes. We selected some of them and we assigned different individual chapters to our students. During our class discussions we share notes on our readings, starting from the presentation of one of the participants.

In the course of the semester, students will form two competing teams, and each one will work on a new business idea and start a new company. We are following the framework suggested by Junior Achievement, and the best of the two groups will have the opportunity to travel to Belgium for the final event of the Junior Achievement Start-Up competition.

Master MaIn is is jointly organized by the University of Trento and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa. These two universities are working together with market leaders and future employers in research, industry and government, to offer this two-year program on Innovation Management.

This two-year degree is particularly designed for students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation and aiming at management careers in innovative organizations, both in the private sector and in government.

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