Presented at the AOM2013: CMR Special issue on IP Strategic Management

In our introduction to the Special Issue we introduce the concept of Appropriation Advantage


The idea of this project started two years ago, on a boat trip with Giovanna Oddo from EPO Patent Academy, in Prague.

It continued through the collaboration with Dries Faems.

And now we can proudly say that we have something available to show to everyone.
The CMR special issue on IP Strategic Management is out, and it has been officially unveiled at the Academy of Management, during a special PDW dedicated to the presentation of the issue.

Many authors were present, and CMR distributed complementary copies of the special issue.

The PDW was overbooked, here below you can find the various presentations.
Saturday, Aug 10 2013 10:45AM – 1:15PM at WDW Swan Resort in Macaw 1&2

Next stop: EGOS July 3-5 2014
the call for papers
for the Sub-theme titled “Organizing Intellectual Property within and between Firms”
is online. you can find it here.

Dries and Alberto land at the Academy of Management 2013 with a PDW dedicated to the CMR Special Issue


Alberto Di Minin and Dries Faems provide an introduction to the special issue, discussing in particular the concept of Appropriation Advantage, and how firms can differentiate from competitors by identifying a superior IP Management Strategy. Three main challenges are identified and explained, with “integration” being the key concept of the entire issue.

Di Minin, A., & Faems, D. (2013). Building Appropriation Advantage. California Management Review, 55(4), 7-14.



James Conley and Peter Bican share the floor to explain the idea of value articulation, which they describe in detail in their piece with Holger Ernst. With the framework, the management of IP rights is explained within marketing constructs such as the unique selling proposition. The article presents case studies that explore the applicability of the framework in a diversity of industry contexts and firm sizes.
Conley, J. G., Bican, P. M., & Ernst, H. (2013). Value articulation: A framework for strategic management of intellectual property. California Management Review, 55(4), 102-120.



Joachim Henkel provides an overview of the concept of IP Modularity introduced in his article with Carliss Baldwin and Willy Shih. These three authors claim that firms seeking to take advantage of distributed innovation and outsourcing can bridge the tension between value creation and value capture by modifying the modular structure of their technical systems.

Henkel, J., Baldwin, C. Y., & Shih, W. (2013). IP Modularity: Profiting from innovation by aligning product architecture with intellectual property. California Management Review, 55(4), 65.



Rudi Bekkers shares with the AOM audience the ideas of his paper authored with Simon den Uijl and Henk de Vries, whose focus is on Patent Pools. Their work examines the experiences with three generations of patent pools in the optical disc industry.
den Uijl, S., Bekkers, R., & de Vries, H. (2013). Managing intellectual property using patent pools: Lessons from three generations of pools in the optical disc industry. California Management Review, 55(4), 31-50.



Bart Von Looy comments the papers presented in the Special Issue and suggests ideas for quantitative research on IP Management and Strategy. Dries, Alberto and Bart will coordinate the sub-theme “Organizing Intellectual Property within and between Firms” at EGOS 2014



Finally, Chris Tucci, whose paper with Tilo Peters and Jana Thiel, on strategic disclosures, is featured into the special issue, closes the session with final remarks on the way research in this area will move forward.

Peters, T., Thiel, J., & Tucci, C. L. (2013). Protecting growth options in dynamic markets: The role of strategic disclosure in integrated intellectual property strategies. California Management Review, 55(4), 121-142.



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