Empowering Researchers – Alberto's Participation to Ambrosetti Technology Forum

Alberto coordinated the Junior Chapter of the Ambrosetti Technology Forum. The report presented during the 2014 meeting in CastelBrando insisted on the need to empower researchers, and their role in the national innovation system. Take a look at the videos and presentations on the Ambrosetti website


Here is how Ambrosetti presents the Junior Chapter of its Technology Forum.

It was the end of May 2013, when the Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza, giving the closing remarks to the second edition of the Technology Forum, suggested a more intense involvement of young – talented – Italian researchers.

Both the Forum and the Community on Innovation, Technology and Technology Transfer – she argued – could receive an important advantage by involving some excellent representatives from the Italian research community.

Ambrosetti Club was able to respond to this suggestion and now the Junior Chapter is real: in this way, the focus of the Community work will be enriched with a new – critically important – point of view: with the voice of Industry, Finance and Institutions, it represents today also the voice of the University.

According to the suggestions of the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR), and under the supervision of the Minister’s consuleor Alberto Di Minin, the members of the Technology Forum Junior Chapter are: Mattia Bianchi, Alfredo De Massis, Riccardo Fini, Chiara Franzoni, Federico Frattini, Massimiliano Granieri, Daniel Pittino, Francesco Rullani and Giuseppe Scellato.