Tuscan Start-Up Academy: Science & Technology meet Business

On January 16th, Alberto Di Minin and Andrea Piccaluga inaugurate the new edition of HighTech Business Venturing at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

The purpose of this course is to provide the students with a profound understanding on the role, analytics, and process of business planning that lead to the successful creation of a new business venture. Students will learn how to rigorously prepare for the actual starting-up of either an internal venture or a new company. They also will have to engage in all the important stages that precede the formal starting up: from idea generation, to feasibility analysis, to a fully conceived plan that maps out how the venture will operate and how it will create value.

The sessions are setup with an approach to enable the students to acquire the knowledge of the role of technology in entrepreneurship, both for internal venturing and for launching a start-up company and the understanding of the determinants, process and possible outcomes of high-tech business venturing. The students should achieve the ability to apply learned concepts, theories and tools in practice from idea generation, to feasibility analysis, to a complete business plan the skills to develop and communicate the relevant and integral aspects of the high tech business venturing process.

In the previous editions, the course has received generous sponsorships, and last year’s edition was coordinated with four other universities across Europe. More information, and a fantastic archive of material (in English)  here.

This year, Regione Toscana plays a major role providing funding and ideas for yet a new turnaround for this course.
More information about the Tuscan Start Up Academy (in Italian) can be found here.

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