“Shared Challenges, Transformative Actions” – OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial in Paris

On April 23rd, I had the pleasure to attend the event “Shared challenges, transformative actions” – OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial”, in the beautiful city of Paris. 

I was there as the Italian Delegate with the OECD – Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy and Director of Innovation of the NBCF Center, together with Professor Maria Chiara Carrozza, President of CNR and full professor in Sant’Anna School of Pisa and many other European and international colleagues. 

Workshop “Harnessing Technology and Innovation Partnerships” in Venice

From February 29 to March 1 we successfully organized a workshop titled “Harnessing Technology and Innovation Partnerships,” which took place at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR-CNR) in Venice. This event was a collaborative effort between the National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFC) and the OECD Working Group on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP).

Alberto Chairing a Session at an EPO/OECD Conference

Munich, May 6th. Alberto was responsible for the session titled “How Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) can fuel open science and open innovation”. When asked what was a very important and neglected aspect in technology transfer, Alberto said “people, people, people!” It is very important to consider the professionalism and experience of researchers and managers involved in the process.