Enjoy the EINST4INE Journey!

The European Training Network for Industry Digital Transformation across Innovation Ecosystems, also known as EINST4INE, is a consortium of 7 European academic and non-academic beneficiaries…


I am extremely happy to announce the publication of a new paper, titled “Team boundary-spanning activities and performance of technology transfer organizations: evidence from China”. …

Academy of Management 2019

In August 2019 Alberto participated, with some members of his research group, at the Academy of Management conference in Boston, USA. The group was composed…

#Fuoriclasse: My blog on Sole24Ore Nova

Since 2014 my blog #Fuoriclasse has been covering exceptional stories of innovation. Fuoriclasse is hosted by the Sole24Ore Nova and is dedicated to portrait stories of exceptional individuals who managed to do great things through their work.

October 8th: Engagement Day

The Institute of Management opens the doors to Alumni & Friends. A day to network and brainstorm at Scuola Sant’Anna. RSVP through this link

Nòva Open Innovation Days 2016

On the 30th of September Alberto will be present at the Nòva Open Innovation Days hosted by the University of Padova. More Info

Alberto at the EU Parliament

Today Alberto was at the European Parliament in Bruxelles in order to take part in the presentation of the manual «SME and Financial Engineering in…

Milan, Ambrosetti Tech Forum 2016

Alberto was the Innovation Advisor of The European House – Ambrosetti for the organization of the Technology Forum 2016. Alberto designed with the help of…

Italian Innovation in Chongqing

On November 18th and 19th I took part in the China-Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Week (CISTIW) in Chongqing. The CISTIW is the most important…

The SME Innovation Instrument, Horizon2020 and Talent Europe

In this presentation that I gave at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, I provide a quick introduction to the Meridian Fellowship on Social Innovation and to my project, Talent Europe,
I then present some of the latest numbers regarding the implementation of the SME Innovation instrument, one of the most innovative parts of the 8th presentation Framework program called Horizon 2020
I also discuss about three concepts that I think might be interesting to explore as a basis of a useful comparison between Europe and US science and technology Policy.

Alberto in Washington as Meridian Social Innovation Fellow

On May 4, 2015, Meridian welcomed the inaugural cohort of the Meridian Social Innovation Fellowship to Washington, D.C. The eight Fellows – who hail from Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain – are global problem-solvers who bring together networks and resources to solve critical challenges facing their organizations, communities, and countries. Meridian has brought together this distinguished group to drive ground-breaking advancements in the fields of youth and women empowerment, cultural integration, entrepreneurship, science, technology, and education. Alberto joined the program to develop TalentEurope.

High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management

During 2014 I took part to the works of the High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management. This group of experts from Academia, Industry and Government worked on the definition of a set of recommendations for the European Innovation Ecosystem. The group met three times, in Dublin, in Amsterdam and in Rome, and it is due to produce the final report in the course of the month of August to the Italian Presidency of the European Council.

Visit to China Nov 14th – 19th

Just coming home from the official trip of Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza to China. We traveled to Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, meeting a vibrant community of Italians, doing business, cultivating arts, studying and researching in this country. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards future perspectives. During talks with high level officials of the Chinese Government, research centers and universities we emphasized the priority to increase scientific collaborations between China and Italy.

Innovation Policy and Smart Cities

This is the presentation (in Italian) that Andrea Paraboschi (SSSA) and I shared with the Green City Energy conference in Pisa. We illustrated the main guidelines of Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza’s agenda.

We discussed about the need to be focused, to be inclusive and to challenge Italian’s creativity and talent.

Join our DBA Program!

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Grenoble Ecole de Management joined forces to offer a new exciting program, targeting managers, policy makers, executives at foundations/NPO, entrepreneurs all over Europe.
Ideal candidates are European professionals, from a wide variety of career backgrounds. These may include: management, sciences, humanities and technical and engineering fields. Typically participants have attained a high level of professional achievement and are likely to be in their thirties or forties.

Alberto Chairing a Session at an EPO/OECD Conference

Munich, May 6th. Alberto was responsible for the session titled “How Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) can fuel open science and open innovation”. When asked what was a very important and neglected aspect in technology transfer, Alberto said “people, people, people!” It is very important to consider the professionalism and experience of researchers and managers involved in the process.

BlaBlaCar featured in Open for Innovation

BlaBlaCar is a very good example of a social platform turning into a great innovation, where users play a big role in shaping the success of the offering. Postoinauto.it, started by Olivier Bremer in 2009, happened to be at the right place at the right time, when the main investor in BlaBlaCar (Accel Partner) was hunting for companies to support the international expansion of the French company. Bremer was at the time managing the largest carsharing community in Italy at the time. “I got lucky” said to us Oliver, who is currently Country Manager for Italy… but luck is obviously only part of the story.

Strategic Agility: the Case of Udinese Calcio accepted on EMJ

A new paper by Alberto and Andrea has been accepted for publication by the European Management Journal. This is the result of a nice collaboration with Federico Frattini, Guido Bortoluzzi and Mattia Bianchi. A lot of fun writing this paper and working on such a unique case study.

Loccioni Business Game: Final lecture for Open Innovation Module

Andrea and I close our lectures for the joint class of Master MAINS and Master MAIN students here in Pisa with a business game. 5 groups of students were presented with some information about Loccioni, a very innovative company in the Marche region, going through an interesting phase of transformation of its R&D and innovation activities.

Surviving the PhD – Edition 2013

Surviving the Phd™ 2013 Edition Instructor: Alberto Di Minin www.diminin.it At Scuola Sant’Anna, Doctoral Students in Management receive a special treatment. Surviving is a course I have designed whose goal is to introduce first years students to the PhD life, giving them an idea about what it takes to go through the program, and at the same time provide them with some methods, in a very interactive and colloquial way.

Open for Innovation: featuring Fantini Mosaici

Open for Innovation, our biweekly column on Affari & Finanza “La Repubblica” is back, profiling interesting companies, and linking them with a management theory. Monday we discussed about Fantini Mosaici.

Master MaIn: Create your StartUp to pass my exam

Febr. 5th is Day 1 for my new class together with Andrea Tenucci and Andrea Paraboschi. We will accompany a very international class of master students through a series of lectures and exercise that will help them better understand what is a start-up company, and actually how to start one.

Getting Ready for some California Time

Alberto and Simone have organized a study & business tour for a group of Italian entrepreneurs to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The group will stop by for lectures at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford. They will be hosted by the Italian Consulate General in San Francisco and they will have meetings at City Hall. Other stops feature the Culinary Institute of America, LinkedIn, Plug&Play, Skydeck, Google, Idean… etc etc
Alberto and Simone codeveloped this initiative with the young entrepreneurs of Confindustria Toscana, as a sort of continuation of the lecture series “Change Agents”, which was an interesting experiment. “The idea was to mix theory and practice, to provoke new thinking and allow these young entrepreneurs to become actors of innovation and new investment within their companies”, says Alberto. “I was very happy to read Giacomo Gellini’s interview on La Nazione, as he truly represented with his words the spirit of what I am trying to do with companies, in my executive education programs”.

IP and Open Innovation

On March 25, Alberto and Dries will be the two keynotes at the Flanders Business School. They will present findings of their research in front…

Skills and Tools for High Tech Entrepreneurs

February 13th: Every good story has an ending (or actually: “Ogni bel ballo stufa…”).
Last lecture for Skills & Tools 2013, with guest speakers, student presentations, and final goodbyes in Aula Magna.
Eight groups present their business models which they developed during the course. In certain case we have brand new ideas, in others an attempt to define a commercialization strategy for a project developed in the labs in Pisa and Pontedera.
How many of these presentations one day will turn into real companies? Definitely too early to say. The goal is to turn them into good evaluations! Nicola Redi, from TTVenture is the chair of the judging committee which helps Andrea and Alberto with comments and suggestions.

Intel Business Challenge 2013: the heat is on!

The campaign to look for the Italian Dreamteam (i.e. the 10 entrepreneurial teams that will challenge their European colleagues during Round 2), has officially started. Teams will have the opportunity to submit their application online till February the 22nd.

Alberto discusses about the social media revolution with the clients of TD Group

Can we say that social media were the drivers of a second ICT revolution? Apparently so. In this presentation I try to show that there are many lessons that we can draw from previous disruptive changes in the industry, but that companies need to be outliers and define new business models and new business processes to leverage the advantaged offered them by new social medias.