Enjoy the EINST4INE Journey!

The European Training Network for Industry Digital Transformation across Innovation Ecosystems, also known as EINST4INE, is a consortium of 7 European academic and non-academic beneficiaries…


I am extremely happy to announce the publication of a new paper, titled “Team boundary-spanning activities and performance of technology transfer organizations: evidence from China”. …

Academy of Management 2019

In August 2019 Alberto participated, with some members of his research group, at the Academy of Management conference in Boston, USA. The group was composed…

Alberto Chairing a Session at an EPO/OECD Conference

Munich, May 6th. Alberto was responsible for the session titled “How Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) can fuel open science and open innovation”. When asked what was a very important and neglected aspect in technology transfer, Alberto said “people, people, people!” It is very important to consider the professionalism and experience of researchers and managers involved in the process.

Strategic Agility: the Case of Udinese Calcio accepted on EMJ

A new paper by Alberto and Andrea has been accepted for publication by the European Management Journal. This is the result of a nice collaboration with Federico Frattini, Guido Bortoluzzi and Mattia Bianchi. A lot of fun writing this paper and working on such a unique case study.

IP and Open Innovation

On March 25, Alberto and Dries will be the two keynotes at the Flanders Business School. They will present findings of their research in front…

Alberto discusses about the social media revolution with the clients of TD Group

Can we say that social media were the drivers of a second ICT revolution? Apparently so. In this presentation I try to show that there are many lessons that we can draw from previous disruptive changes in the industry, but that companies need to be outliers and define new business models and new business processes to leverage the advantaged offered them by new social medias.

Safe Nests, Inter-firm Relationships in Groningen

Alberto was in Groningen to celebrate Dries Faems’ professorship.
Dries gave his inaugural lecture in fronts of colleagues, friends and family, and Alberto was part of the warm up band, during an innovation workshop focussed on innovation, inter-firm and intra-firm relationships.

Loccioni: implementing Open Innovation

Andrea and Alberto travel to Rosora, in the Marche, to meet with Loccioni top management and discuss about their Open Innovation strategy. The project started before the summer with extensive interviews in Loccioni, and focused on internal technology transfer and business development.

My Book came out!!

It is in Italian, and you will find many of the ideas I discuss in my dissertation. Take a look at it, buy it, own…

Innovation in Global Industries

Presented to the public in Washington D.C. the book edited by Jeffrey Macher and David Mowery. Alberto co-authored Chapter 3 on the Semiconductor Industry READ…