Join our DBA Program!

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Grenoble Ecole de Management joined forces to offer a new exciting program, targeting managers, policy makers, executives at foundations/NPO, entrepreneurs all over Europe.
Ideal candidates are European professionals, from a wide variety of career backgrounds. These may include: management, sciences, humanities and technical and engineering fields. Typically participants have attained a high level of professional achievement and are likely to be in their thirties or forties.

Loccioni Business Game: Final lecture for Open Innovation Module

Andrea and I close our lectures for the joint class of Master MAINS and Master MAIN students here in Pisa with a business game. 5 groups of students were presented with some information about Loccioni, a very innovative company in the Marche region, going through an interesting phase of transformation of its R&D and innovation activities.

Surviving the PhD – Edition 2013

Surviving the Phd™ 2013 Edition Instructor: Alberto Di Minin www.diminin.it At Scuola Sant’Anna, Doctoral Students in Management receive a special treatment. Surviving is a course I have designed whose goal is to introduce first years students to the PhD life, giving them an idea about what it takes to go through the program, and at the same time provide them with some methods, in a very interactive and colloquial way.

Master MaIn: Create your StartUp to pass my exam

Febr. 5th is Day 1 for my new class together with Andrea Tenucci and Andrea Paraboschi. We will accompany a very international class of master students through a series of lectures and exercise that will help them better understand what is a start-up company, and actually how to start one.

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Teaching: Innovation Management

Alberto is currently teaching and supervising students at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa) and University of Twente (Enschede). His main teaching focuses on R&D and innovation…

Skills and Tools for High Tech Entrepreneurs

February 13th: Every good story has an ending (or actually: “Ogni bel ballo stufa…”).
Last lecture for Skills & Tools 2013, with guest speakers, student presentations, and final goodbyes in Aula Magna.
Eight groups present their business models which they developed during the course. In certain case we have brand new ideas, in others an attempt to define a commercialization strategy for a project developed in the labs in Pisa and Pontedera.
How many of these presentations one day will turn into real companies? Definitely too early to say. The goal is to turn them into good evaluations! Nicola Redi, from TTVenture is the chair of the judging committee which helps Andrea and Alberto with comments and suggestions.

Discussion of the Project Works at Master Mains

The final act of Master MAINS A.Y. 2011/12 is taking place at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. 18 students, are back today in Aula Magna and present the result of their work in front of the faculty, academic and corporate advisors. Companies represented: Ansaldo Energia, CDC Point, Coop Italia, ENEL, Esaote, Finmeccanica, Hitachi Data System, IBM Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Selex-Elsag, SIA, Telecom Italia, Telespazio, Univergomma.

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Oct.25th: What a Day!

First of all I should extend my congratulations to Barbara Gilicze, who graduated (with honors!), after presenting her dissertation on social innovation. Barbara helped me…

Alberto and Andrea Lecturing at Khalifa University (Emirates)

In the beautiful setting of the Sharjah campus, Khalifa University, Andrea and Alberto are teaching about technology management, and appropriability of Innovation in the Emirates.
A nice class of 25 phd engineering students in the field will hear from us about how to turn the result of their work into business opportunities, and how to interact with colleagues working in management. The teaching program is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce students around the world to Research in Italy.

Knauf College in Viareggio

  Sales and Marketing manager from all over the world met in Viareggio for the 10th edition of the Knauf College. Managers took off for…

Workshop with Confindustria Giovani

In a three sessions workshop, we discussed with the Direttivo Confidustria Toscana Giovani, how these young entrepreneurs could become “Changing Agents” in their own companies. The idea of the series of meeting started after a seminar in Florence dedicated to Open Innovation.

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Alberto & Andrea's Course

Skills and Tools for High-Tech entrepreneurs wannabe November 2011 – January 2012 Skills and tools for entrepreneurship and technology management Alberto and Andrea Piccaluga offered…

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Alberto @ ABB Creativity Lab

Take a big breath and think: What does it take to be an industry leader? Innovate products, services, business models: of course! But leading companies…