Getting Ready for some California Time

Alberto and Simone have organized a study & business tour for a group of Italian entrepreneurs to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The group will stop by for lectures at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford. They will be hosted by the Italian Consulate General in San Francisco and they will have meetings at City Hall. Other stops feature the Culinary Institute of America, LinkedIn, Plug&Play, Skydeck, Google, Idean… etc etc
Alberto and Simone codeveloped this initiative with the young entrepreneurs of Confindustria Toscana, as a sort of continuation of the lecture series “Change Agents”, which was an interesting experiment. “The idea was to mix theory and practice, to provoke new thinking and allow these young entrepreneurs to become actors of innovation and new investment within their companies”, says Alberto. “I was very happy to read Giacomo Gellini’s interview on La Nazione, as he truly represented with his words the spirit of what I am trying to do with companies, in my executive education programs”.

IP and Open Innovation

On March 25, Alberto and Dries will be the two keynotes at the Flanders Business School. They will present findings of their research in front…

Skills and Tools for High Tech Entrepreneurs

February 13th: Every good story has an ending (or actually: “Ogni bel ballo stufa…”).
Last lecture for Skills & Tools 2013, with guest speakers, student presentations, and final goodbyes in Aula Magna.
Eight groups present their business models which they developed during the course. In certain case we have brand new ideas, in others an attempt to define a commercialization strategy for a project developed in the labs in Pisa and Pontedera.
How many of these presentations one day will turn into real companies? Definitely too early to say. The goal is to turn them into good evaluations! Nicola Redi, from TTVenture is the chair of the judging committee which helps Andrea and Alberto with comments and suggestions.

Intel Business Challenge 2013: the heat is on!

The campaign to look for the Italian Dreamteam (i.e. the 10 entrepreneurial teams that will challenge their European colleagues during Round 2), has officially started. Teams will have the opportunity to submit their application online till February the 22nd.

Alberto discusses about the social media revolution with the clients of TD Group

Can we say that social media were the drivers of a second ICT revolution? Apparently so. In this presentation I try to show that there are many lessons that we can draw from previous disruptive changes in the industry, but that companies need to be outliers and define new business models and new business processes to leverage the advantaged offered them by new social medias.

Discussion of the Project Works at Master Mains

The final act of Master MAINS A.Y. 2011/12 is taking place at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. 18 students, are back today in Aula Magna and present the result of their work in front of the faculty, academic and corporate advisors. Companies represented: Ansaldo Energia, CDC Point, Coop Italia, ENEL, Esaote, Finmeccanica, Hitachi Data System, IBM Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Selex-Elsag, SIA, Telecom Italia, Telespazio, Univergomma.

RENA 7th National Assembly in Florence

Theory meets practice, and young talents from many walks of life meet for the 7th Assemblea Generale of RENA. Rena is a national network of professionals: public and private managers, consultants, journalists and (yes…) researchers. Affiliates share a common drive to make a difference acting as positive actors of change, leading by example, with honesty and transparency.

Open for Innovation… in the Cloud

A management buyout, a profound knowledge of business process and the impact of ICT, an all-italian-team. These are the ingredients of this week’s episode of…

Back to Berkeley, 10 years later!

10 years have gone by since my first time in Berkeley. As a PhD Student at BRIE/City and Regional Planning/Haas it was an incredible experience. After my graduation, I found many excuses to be back in San Francisco and Berkeley, but now, 10 years after my first time in town, I find it somehow different. Berkeley has defined in a unique way the scholar and the person I am today, and going back is like a walk back memory lane.

Safe Nests, Inter-firm Relationships in Groningen

Alberto was in Groningen to celebrate Dries Faems’ professorship.
Dries gave his inaugural lecture in fronts of colleagues, friends and family, and Alberto was part of the warm up band, during an innovation workshop focussed on innovation, inter-firm and intra-firm relationships.

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Oct.25th: What a Day!

First of all I should extend my congratulations to Barbara Gilicze, who graduated (with honors!), after presenting her dissertation on social innovation. Barbara helped me…

Alberto and Andrea Lecturing at Khalifa University (Emirates)

In the beautiful setting of the Sharjah campus, Khalifa University, Andrea and Alberto are teaching about technology management, and appropriability of Innovation in the Emirates.
A nice class of 25 phd engineering students in the field will hear from us about how to turn the result of their work into business opportunities, and how to interact with colleagues working in management. The teaching program is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce students around the world to Research in Italy.

Knauf College in Viareggio

  Sales and Marketing manager from all over the world met in Viareggio for the 10th edition of the Knauf College. Managers took off for…

Loccioni: implementing Open Innovation

Andrea and Alberto travel to Rosora, in the Marche, to meet with Loccioni top management and discuss about their Open Innovation strategy. The project started before the summer with extensive interviews in Loccioni, and focused on internal technology transfer and business development.

Intel Business Challenge

  I was one of the judges for the European Finals of the Intel Business Challenge 2012. 24 teams were selected out of a pool…

Alberto at the NetVal Summer School

On September the 12th, Alberto presented at the NetVal Summer School in Bertinoro. NetVal (LINK A NETVAL QUA) is the largest organization in Italy for…

May holidays wee great

Back to work!

And the sun is setting on a very nice summer… No Polinesia for me,  or other  fancy place! We actually renter a RV and explored…

Workshop with Confindustria Giovani

In a three sessions workshop, we discussed with the Direttivo Confidustria Toscana Giovani, how these young entrepreneurs could become “Changing Agents” in their own companies. The idea of the series of meeting started after a seminar in Florence dedicated to Open Innovation.

Getting ready for Boston

Just a week before leaving for Boston. Alberto will attend the 10th International Open and User Innovation Workshop and the Academy of Management (more details…

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Alberto & Andrea's Course

Skills and Tools for High-Tech entrepreneurs wannabe November 2011 – January 2012 Skills and tools for entrepreneurship and technology management Alberto and Andrea Piccaluga offered…

Jan 30th Kick off day Toscana Open

In a world where sources of innovation are increasingly dispersed, companies need to renew their competitive advantage by getting access to competences and ideas that…

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Alberto @ ABB Creativity Lab

Take a big breath and think: What does it take to be an industry leader? Innovate products, services, business models: of course! But leading companies…

Celebrating Borellino's Bachelor Party

Rome 25 May: I am in Rome celebrating Andrea’s Bachelor Party.
Andrea Borelli, my friend since… half a life ago is getting married in a couple of weeks.

Innovation à la Continuum

May 2012. Continuum Innovation featured this week in Open for Innovation (La Repubblica, Affari & Finanza). In this brief article we discuss about Continuum Innovation,…

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Trento makes hitech school

Real recipe to make result is to look far in the time. Richard Florida, American economist, says that the recipe of innovation is made of…

Melinda: when union makes strenght

“Small is awful”. It’s what you can say in those economic areas where there is a strong need of certificated quality, advanced technology, well known…

Udinese: when profit makes goals

Udinese is on the top of the Italian soccer championship, but it’s not only soccer we are talking about. According to Franco Soldati, it’s not…

Edra, open innovation by design

Created in 1987, Edra has been, in the last few years, aknowledge to be one of the most innovative enterprises, nationally and internationally, thus entering…

Digital Economy Forum

On May 12th, I have taken part to the Digital Economy Forum in Venice I moderated a panel on e-commerce, starting from questions I was…

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New Pirates in Silicon Valley!

I have visited Pier 38, one of the tech incubators in San Francisco, this is the piece that I wrote (ITA only..) for Innov’Azione on…

Barbaric Ideas

Innovation Management met Good Literature On October 2nd I interviewed two of my favorite authors: Alessandro Baricco Edoardo Nesi Baricco and Nesi are the authors…

My Book came out!!

It is in Italian, and you will find many of the ideas I discuss in my dissertation. Take a look at it, buy it, own…

Global Entrepreneurship Week

On November the 20th 2008, entrepreneurs managers, banks and universities discussed together with enthusiasm about the power of entrepreneurship to create value for our economy….

Innovation in Global Industries

Presented to the public in Washington D.C. the book edited by Jeffrey Macher and David Mowery. Alberto co-authored Chapter 3 on the Semiconductor Industry READ…

Who is Alberto

Associate Professor of Strategy at the Istituto di Management – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Research Fellow with the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy. My research and teaching deals with the appropriation of innovation. I focus on open innovation and new business models.
I collaborate with Nòva – Sole24Ore and I serve as the Italian Representative in the SME, Access to Risk Finance Horizon 2020 Program Committee.